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Good drawing is essential for an artist
Drawing, an important
skill for most art
some painting students and their work
Painting and Color

Classes for children, teens and adults.
Current schedule:
  • Mondays 5-7
A 4-week session of 2-hour classes cost $115 for children under 13, or $130 for 13 and above.

All materials, supplies, use of equipment included.
Art Is

Art is a fundamental activity. It is a way of thinking, a way of examining the world, understanding it, dealing with it, reporting on it, creating new ways of looking at it -- even making things never before seen or imagined.

We have developed our methods of teaching during many years of experience. In addition to providing instruction on all aspects of this important and engaging activity, we encourage students to explore and use the whole range of what art is and can do.

Sculpture with Clay

Sculpture with Wood and other things

The Importance of Art

Art develops parts of the mind not developed through other means, and helps improve such skills as conceptual thinking, observation, understanding, spatial relationships and fine motor skills. It also seems to stimulate curiosity and, in the right educational atmosphere, helps with self confidence.

There is much evidence that making visual art is an inherent human function. Most serious artists understand this intuitively. All indigenous peoples throughout time and in all parts of the world have made art. Historians and anthropologists often assume art making  was done in the service of hunting or religion.

6 images of making things
Making Stuff
classroom activities
Classroom Activities

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updated Aug 1, 2019