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Beginning Sculpture
Students in Intermediate Sculpture May 05

Ages 7 and up.

Learn to use the basic tools, materials, techniques and design ideas for making sculpture. You can work with clay, stone, plaster, found objects and other materials to make three-dimensional work you will be proud of. No prior experience necessary.

Dylan, Marissa, Ryan and Molly in sculpture class

Subjects covered will include:
  • depth and volume
  • mass and weight
  • texture and patternrussel working on building
  • tools and techniques
  • material and medium problems

You will receive individualized instruction and learn basic sculpture skills and the differences between two and three dimensional art forms and how they are created.

    3 to 6 students per class.

Russell working on sculpture
Continuing Sculpture

Ages 10 and up.

This class will help you develop your sculpture skills by building on what you have already learned.

You will be able to work in your choice of clay, assemblage, plaster or stone so that your sculpture is more satisfying and interesting. We will pay as much attention to technical issues as you need while also examining work by accomplished sculptors.

Portrait Making

Rosemary with her completed portrait sculpture of Geneva
Making a portrait head from a live model will take eight weeks -- two 4-week classes. We will use methods that date back at least to the Renaissance and which were detailed by Malvina Hoffman (a student of Auguste Rodin) in her 1939 book Sculpture Inside And Out. This method involves the use of calipers to make direct measurements from the model in order to get the portrait the right size and shape. After that is accomplished, each artist makes his or her own interpretation of the details of the face, with as much guidance as  wanted from the instructor.

Along the way, we will study enough anatomy, mass, form, and other elements of sculpture to ensure that you will know how to make a mass of clay look like a specific person. This class is hard work, but worth it.

Sculpture Studio is held at the same time as Intermediate Sculpture but is for those above the intermediate level and who want to work on their own projects with technical and other assistance from the instructor.
Sculpture Schedule and Times

  • Beginning and Continuing, Children 7 yrs. and up: Fri 10-noon or Fri 1-3 pm
  • Beginning and Continuing, Teens/Adults: Thurs 2-4 or 6:30-8:30 pm
  • Portrait Sculpture, Teens/Adults: contact if interested.

  • * If these times don't work for you, schedule your own class. All we  need is a total of three students and an opening in our schedule. Please contact to arrange.
Fees: $100 for children under 13, $120 for students 13 and up.

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For all sculpture classes:

All materials, including firing of clay works, model fees, use of tools and sculpture equipment are included in fee (except Portrait Sculpure, which has a firing fee of $10).

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